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Are you ready to UNLEASH your genius?HiFive_Unleashed_Angle_2-1.jpg

We’re heading to the Embedded Linux Conference next week, March 12-14, to hold our first hackathon. Developers will be among the first to run code on the HiFive Unleashed board with a chance to take home a board of their own and win a $1,000 cash prize. 

Wondering what you’ll need to bring with you?

We’ll provide 50 HiFive1 and 50 HiFive Unleashed boards along with the associated power supplies, USB cables and SD cards. You’ll need to bring your own computer that’s capable of running your preferred development environment.

Good news, the Hackathon is free for conference attendees! Register here; and if you haven’t already, check out Palmer Dabbelt’s latest in the All Aboard series to learn more about the Hackathon challenges.

We’re Growing in More Ways Than One!

Speaking of the HiFive Unleashed, SiFive demonstrated the first real-world use of the board at FOSDEM in February, highlighting the launch of the board, which features the industry’s only Linux-capable RISC-V based processor SoC.

What an exciting time for us and the open-source community!

Developers can purchase the HiFive Unleashed board online. The board will ship in late March for early access users with more boards shipping in late June.

It’s been a busy few months for us as we’ve also been working to grow our team. Join us in welcoming two industry all-stars:

  • Shafy Eltoukhy, who joins us as VP of operations, will lead our DesignShare program. Shafy comes to SiFive with three decades of experience, most recently as VP and business unit manager for the analog mixed signal division at Microsemi.
  • Shiva Natarajan who is our newly appointed CFO, will structure and oversee company growth. Previously, Shiva was VP of finance at A10 Networks.  

Interested in being part of the revolution? Want to help democratize access to custom, state-of-the-art chips? Join us!

Featured Developer

Our view of the world centers around the developer, the engineer, the user, the dreamer. It’s you who are contributing to RISC-V and open-source, making what we do at SiFive possible.DAgema_Tesla_Coils.jpg

The developer we’re featuring today is Donnie Agema, known as “dagema” on our forums. He’s currently studying Computer Organization and Design to better enable him to learn the RISC-V ISA, using our HiFive1 board and the Arty platform for hands-on training. This photo to the left is one of the projects he’s working on, showing two Tesla coils getting in touch with one another.

We asked Donnie how he discovered SiFive, and his response:

“Electronics has been my hobby since childhood, beginning in the vacuum tube era. But my early career as logistics manager and later as SAP systems engineer put that hobby on the back burner for many years. When I began approaching retirement age, I decided to start reviving my lifelong hobby, and found I had been left behind by the onslaught of microprocessors.

After retirement, I am now trying to get back up to speed, which means learning all about microprocessors. Having the desire to start at the bottom and work my way up, it seemed to me that the near future was in RISC-V and FPGAs. That combination brought me to the SiFive website, of which I have become an avid follower.”

Thanks for being a fan, Donnie!  We look forward to seeing more of your projects.

Are you working on something interesting? We’d love to feature you next. Drop us a line and let us know what you are working on!

Forum Highlight

The SiFive Forums are buzzing! They are packed with valuable content that can answer your questions and curiosity surrounding RISC-V, development boards, IP evaluations and much more. Here’s a peek at some of the threads that caught our attention (and will now have yours, too!):

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Thanks for your continued support! 

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Jack Kang

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